Education Vision

Ipsum quod faciendum est diutius – ‘what we do outlives us’

Northampton Free School Trust is a place that invests all its passion in what is good, recognising that what our young people achieve and experience at school will have a profound effect and impact upon their lives.

Our vision is based on three core principles:

1. Attainment for All

We are committed to providing excellence in education based on an internationally recognised high quality curriculum whilst encouraging the unique potential of each learner.

2. Public Service

Taking part in activities with local public services including the Police, Health and Fire services will engage pupils as citizens and empower them to recognise both the value of public service and their own potential for doing good. Children will graduate from Wootton Park School as responsible, active citizens, driven in all that they do by a strong moral compass.

3. Stronger Society

We will build on our heritage and grounding in public service to develop all learners to create a stronger society through the promotion of citizenship and community.

With a focus on these principles, Northampton Free School Trust will help young people attain high academic standards through an international curriculum and also take their place as valuable and thoughtful members of our society.