Welcome to Northampton Free School Trust.

Having successfully opened Wootton Park School in September 2016, the Trust has applied to the Department for Education to open two further schools; a secondary school in the Hardingstone area and a primary school in Upton.

In common with Wootton Park School, the new schools are being proposed to meet the growing demand for high-quality primary and secondary school places in the area.

The Local Authority has identified that additional primary and secondary capacity is required to meet both current and forecast demand in the town. As well as helping the Local Authority fulfil its statutory obligation of providing sufficiency of school places in Northamptonshire, the opening of the proposed new free schools, would help provide increased choice and diversity of school places for parents of pupils being educated both now and in future years.

If your child is starting primary or secondary school in 2022 or 2023, we would be grateful if you would consider either and share your thoughts about our proposals here.

Thank you!